Jan 20, 2011

Resources to get more blog exposure

Networking and blogging have become two of the most utilized forms of business building on the internet today. For a newbie, both of these can be very overwhelming! I remember the first time I joined a social networking site, I was completely lost on how to make it work for myself and my business.

Today, I am going to share with you some of my most favorite, tried and true blogging and social networking resources! These resources aren’t the givens like Facebook, Cafemom, Myspace, etc. These are some that I have found through hours of blog surfing. You may know some of them, and you may not. I hope that you will find some new profitable resources for your business!

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1.    TheBlogFrog.com – this is probably one of the more popular blogging communities but it is very effective and will help you connect with like-minded bloggers as well as letting them find your little corner of the web.

2.    TheSITSGirls.com – this comments for comments community. You place their button on your blog and whenever at SITS girl see the button they will leave a comment on your blog. There is also a featured blog everyday and you can submit your blog to be featured. It is a fantastic way to connect with other bloggers and give your blog exposure.

3.    TheLadyBloggers.com – The Lady Bloggers Society is a blog dedicated to connecting women bloggers from around internet. They offer tips, challenges, networking opportunities and more.

4.    TheMomBlogs.com – this is a free listing service for your blog. It is a great way to increase blog exposure. A link back is required.

5.    MomBlogNetwork.com – this is a free listing service for your blog. You create a profile, there is a forum, and many other features. A link back is not required but its recommended.

6.    BlogCatalog.com – it’s just that, an online blog catalog. You can add your blog for free, explore other blogs, and connect with bloggers. A link back is required.

7.    AshesToRoses.com – this is a button/banner blog directory. A link back is required.

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