These are some of my most favorite and trusted resources! The list is always growing so check back soon for updated links! If a link is broken, please take a moment to let me know by shooting an email to

Simply Creative develops Professional, Modern Design at affordable prices. Our vision for your website is that it reflects you and your message. Creating a presence on the web doesn’t have to be expensive. We will work closely with you to create a web presence that you can be proud of.

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Vista Print is definitely my FAVORITE printing resource of 4 years now! They have fantastic sales and if you watch closely, you can order everything you need for FREE, just pay shipping!

I have been using Kall8 for all of my toll-free number needs for nearly 2-1/2 years now. Numbers start a $2.00 per month plus minutes used. It is by far the most affordable and reliable service I have used for toll-free numbers. If you are feeling nice, enter 866-536-9721 when you sign up and I will receive a $5 credit. Then you give your toll-free number to everyone you sign up, and you'll get the $5 credit as well! :)

This is an online form building service that will allow you to create a free account and make up to 5 forms. The forms are customizable and work great!

 I found this resource when I was looking for a FREE email marketing service. Their free account let's you have 1000 subscribers and you can send 6000 emails per month. If you send 1 email to 900 contacts, that counts as 1 of your 6000 emails. That is a VERY good deal! I personally use this system to send emails to people who request an interview from me or that subscribe to a newsletter.

FreshBooks Being an entrepreneur is more than clients, blogging, and social media. To keep yourself secure and safe from IRS audits, you need to have a good invoicing/book keeping system. I have tried everything from QuickBooks 2004 (back in the day) to Freebies to Spreadsheets. I toyed around with the idea of listing some free resources here, but they just do not do the job like they should. As entrepreneurs, we need to be protected when it comes to cash flow and records. So, I decided to share my personal invoicing system that I use in my business. FreshBooks is definitely the best and simplest invoicing/book keeping system I have used to date. The problem that I found with other systems is the lack of user friendly-ness. It is possible to have to many "bells & whistles" and with FreshBooks I have just enough.

I think my most favorite thing about FreshBooks is the desktop time tracking clock. It pins to your Windows Sidebar and you can select a project/client, start the timer, and go to work without having to open an internet browsing window. Then, when you are finished, you can add details and submit the time to your FreshBooks account so it is ready for you when it is time to invoice.